Welcome to the website of Stichting Bronkhorst 1981

The Bronkhorst 1981 Foundation (hereinafter referred to as ‘The Foundation’) was established on October 18, 2019, at the initiative of the management and shareholders of the Bronkhorst Group in Ruurlo.

The term ‘Bronkhorst Group’ (not a statutory or trade name) refers to the conglomerate of companies associated with Bronkhorst High Tech B.V., headquartered in Ruurlo, which is the main and oldest part of that group. The inclusion of the year 1981 in the foundation’s name refers to the establishment of the first Bronkhorst High Tech B.V.

The Foundation aims to raise funds and allocate them to social, scientific, and cultural charitable causes in general, with a specific focus on causes related to the Bronkhorst Group.

The board consists of Mrs. K.M.T.J. van Beek – Bruggeman (chairperson), Mr. M.F. Vermaat (secretary), and Mr. H.H. Veldink (treasurer).

This multi-year policy plan outlines the principles and approach through which the Foundation intends to fulfill its objectives. The plan will be evaluated by the board at least once a year and adjusted as needed.