Welcome to the website of Stichting Bronkhorst 1981

Stichting Bronkhorst 1981 (hereinafter referred to as: the Foundation) was founded on 18 October 2019 on the initiative of the board of directors and shareholders of the Ruurlo-based Bronkhorst group.

The Bronkhorst group, which is not a trade name or name under articles of association, refers to the group of companies associated with Bronkhorst High Tech B.V., which is based in Ruurlo and the main and oldest member of the group. The year 1981 in the Foundation’s name refers to the year in which Bronkhorst High Tech B.V. was founded.

The Foundation has as its objective the raising of funds and spending them on societal, social, scientific, and cultural charities in general and more specifically on charities that in some way relate to the Bronkhorst group.

The board of the Foundation is made up of Ms K.M.T.J. Van Beek-Bruggeman (chair), Mr M.F. Vermaat (secretary), and Mr H.H. Veldink (treasurer).